Wave information


11:00 – Youngters 7-10 years old

11:20 – Youngters 11-14 years old

12:00 – Elite Wave

12:20 – Wave 2

12:40 – Wave 3

13:00 – Wave 4

13:20 – Wave 5

13:40 – Wave 6

14:00 – Wave 7

14:20 – Wave 8

14:40 – Wave 9

15:00 – Wave 10

15:20 – Wave 11

15:40 – Wave 12

Arrival Time 

Please arrive on-site at least 60 minutes before your wave start time. You’ll need to walk to the event field, drop off your keys, and attend your health and safety briefing all before your 10 minute warm up which will be taken by the Beach Warriors fitness crew. Be sure to remind yourself of the contents of our Terms and conditions, if there has been any change in your health circumstances since reading terms and conditions when you signed up you will have to bring a doctor’s note to say your fit and well to take part in beach warriors.

What are Waves?

It’s pretty simple actually. Instead of one big start, we divide everyone into different waves. Each wave is organized by your expected pace so that everyone can run with people their own speed. Waves start with the fastest runners, and then it will go to slower runners, then joggers, then walkers. You will select your times when you register. Event personnel will be positioned at the starting line to enforce that participants are starting in their correct wave.

Wave Categories

Elite Waves  These waves are reserved for runners who can run 5 miles the fastest on the times given on the online booking form. 

Jogging Waves  These will be the next waves after the elite waves, we DO NOT require proof. For anyone planning to jog and average between 8:16 – 12:29 per mile

Jogging/Walking Waves  For anyone planning to jog more than walk and average between 12:29 – 15:06 per mile.

Walking/Jogging Waves  For anyone planning to walk more than jog, and average between 15:06 – 17:10 per mile.

Team Waves All groups of 5 or 10 teams (selected on booking forms)will be in team waves and  you will have individual times and your full group times

There is also a Football Players Wave and a Rugby Players Wave where you can enter individually and represent your sport teams. Last but one wave is the footballers wave, and the very last Wave of the day we have The Battle of the rugby players

Running with Others

  • If you want to be in the same start wave with others, you may do so as long as that wave has not reached its capacity.
  • If you want to run with a faster runner, make sure they are willing to start with you in a slower wave before you register.

Race Day Procedure

  1. Pin your race number (which also has your electronic chip) to the front of your shirt, where it’s most visible. You must wear your bib to be admitted into the start line

Please note:

  • If you wish to start with someone who has a different predicted time, you may do so by dropping back to the slower person’s wave. No one may move up to a faster wave.
  • Chip timing records your exact start and finish time, so your results will accurately reflect the time it took you to run the race no matter which starting wave you’re in.
  • Each wave will start promptly at its designated time. You are responsible for being on-time for the start of your wave.
  • Starting mats will be turned off immediately after the start of the final wave.

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